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Wind Energy Company Profile: CTE WIND CIVIL ENGINEERING

Based in Dinard (Brittany, France) with subsidiaries in Germany (Freiburg im Breisgau), Poland (Warsaw), Brazil (Porto Alegre) and Vietnam (Hanoi), CTE wind civil engineering (hereafter CTE wind) is an experienced office specializing in the design and calculation of wind turbine foundations. CTE wind has designed foundations for more than 450 wind farms, more than 3320 wind turbines (6480 MW) from 2003 for all types of clients and manufacturers worldwide. We are leader in France in our business area.

Through projects with important clients such as: GDF SUEZ, EDF EN, E.ON, CEZ, VERGNET, NAREVA, ENEL, EDP, IBERDROLA …, we have developed a vast know-how with different types of machines, loads and specification documents of: VESTAS, REPOWER, GE ENERGY, NORDEX, EVIAG, FURHLANDER, ALSTOM, GAMESA, ACCIONA, SIEMENS...

These projects are located in Europe (France, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland), Canada, South America (Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay), South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand) and Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Ethiopia, South Africa).
With 15 dynamic and competent engineers, we propose to our client economic and optimized but safe foundations. The design is adapted to the geotechnical reports (gravity- base foundations, piles foundations, soil reinforcement). Further, the foundation design respects the criteria of manufacturers. The calculations are especially realized according to the requirements of the clients and to the standards of the country concerned.

CTE wind found shapes of foundations that results in a better formwork and makes transportation and placing of reinforcements become easier. We propose also to carry out the monitoring of the reinforcement on the site. Besides CTE wind has developed an experience in the dimensioning of the foundations and the verification of the metal structure supporting the photovoltaic panels.

Our services include:

  • Assistance to designers and consulting
  • Optimal economic research
  • Static and dynamic calculations
  • Development of all execution plans for works
  • Work monitoring
  • Consideration of anti-seismic parameters


Company of the Day - CTE WIND is growing in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru

09.01.2015 Company of the Day - CTE WIND is growing in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru

CTE WIND civil engineering is growing in the renewable energy market in South America
The French based company with offices in Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Senegal and Vietnam continues its development by designing wind turbine foundations all over the world. The engineering company is currently working on the... [more]

CTE Wind expands into new markets

In the design and dimensioning of the foundations of onshore wind turbines, Wind CTE Civil Engineering multiplies studies for international wind projects.
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Foundation of CTE Wind Civil Engineering

Due to the strong growth of its business, the Department of Renewable Energy of the French Group CTE has become a fully-fledged company on January 01, 2012
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