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Wind Energy Company Profile: Composcan GmbH

Composcan GmbH’s core competency lies in a contact-free maintenance of rotor blades of wind power plants using optical and thermic equipment.

We hereby inspect the power plant by helicopter. The entire inspection is done by an helicopter which is equipped with a high-solution digital and thermic camera. This combined technique allows a visual documentation of the entire surface of all rotor blades and also gives a thermographic analysis of the inside of blades structures. This gives a complete detailed check-up with all results concerning superficially damaged rotor blades or even damages or delaminations from the inside of the mentioned blades.

In comparison with former check-ups this technique not only gives our customers a well detailed information of the actual state of their power plant, but also bares loads of advantages for them. There is first of all a minimum downtime and productivity can still go on while inspection is undertaken, which leads to reduction of accidents and waiting time even during bad weather conditions.


    Inspecting off-shore wind power plants

    We can also master the special challenge of inspecting off-shore wind power plants. Through its logistical exposed position in big distances on sea and unfavorable sea and weather-conditions the inspection is far more complicated then with on-shore plants. We constantly bare in mind... [more]

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