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The Avantis designs, builds and sells modern gearless windturbines. The "Avantis Family" consist of the turbine typ AV 928 (2.5 MW), AV1010 (2.3 MW) and an IEC I machine with 3,75 MW, which is under development presently. The Avantis windturbines are suitable for all wind-regimes, so that the potential on each site can be used in an optimal manner. The design of the turbine is characterized by a permanet magnet generator with a very high efficiency and a watercooled converter. This concept and the modular design allows operations also by extrem site-conditions, as well as offshore. The AV928 for example allows the system to withstand the storm loads of a typhoon which are rather in the area of the IEC wind class Ia.

The Avantis Group was founded 2004 and is present around the world, with operations in Asia (Hong Kong, China), US/Canada, Brazil and Europe (Hamburg). Beneath the windturbines Avantis is offering professional service in the fields of Service & Maintenance, Development Support, Site-Evaluations and Investor Relation Management.

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