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More than 35 years of experience in research, development, manufacture and distribution of liquid plastics distinguishes AB-Polymerchemie GmbH as a professional, medium-sized business company. Short paths, high quality standards, permanent ability to innovate and user-friendly product solutions are the four cornerstones of our success. We offer project-specific solutions based on EP and PU technology for floor coatings, corrosion protection and waterproofing systems. Our new developments are “zero-emission” Poly-Acrylate systems (AB-PAC), which are environmentally safe and user-friendly. They are free of styrene and MMA, but still useable as classic UP-systems.

In the area of ESD - coatings we are the market leader and guarantee with the AB-POX® 460 ESD system lasting and reliable protection in ESD - protected zones / EPA's (e. g. automotive, aerospace and electronics industries). References without failure or change in conductivity for over 12 years!

In 2008 we were the first supplier of particularly advanced and innovative epoxy and polyurethane floor coating systems with a VOC - content < 1 % and introduced this AB-ZEROPOX®- and AB-ZEROPUR®- product group into the market. On the one hand these "zero-emission" quality products reflect the philosophy of our company and on the other hand the sense of responsibility towards the environment, the processors and the users.

For heavy-duty corrosion protection (hydraulic steel structures / BAW and offshore) we offer a new generation of anti-corrosion coating materials based on "Bionics - technology". AB-COR® 950 SW is virtually solvent- and plasticizer-free (no loss) and has been successfully tested / is listed at the Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW) and the SINTEF - Institute (NORSOK). AB-COR® 950 SW is certified by the Germanischer Lloyd, DNV (GL). The AB-COR 950 SW-Repair system derived therefrom and has been used successfully for years for the renovation of existing wind energy parcs (WEC) both offshore and onshore.

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    AB-COR® 950 SW

    AB-COR ® 950 SW is an extremely resistant corrosion protection coating used for heavy constructions (hydraulic steel engineering and offshore / lm... [more]

    AB-COR® 950 SW Repair

    AB-COR ® 950 SW Repair is a thick film, practically solvent and softener free (no shrinkage) corrosion protection used for reparations and maintenance. It can be used especially to repair small... [more]

    AB-ZEROPUR® - comfort flooring and AB-ZEROPOX® -industrial flooring

    A verified better indoor air quality with the innovation of benzyl alcohol free coatings (VOC < 1 %) for applicators and users. Since 2008 we offer special advanced and pioneering coatings for lounge rooms and production areas. These types of coating fulfil... [more]

    AB-POX® 460 ESD

    AB-POX ® 460 ESD is a volume conductive and thíckness independent ESD-coating. It is suitable for ESD-flooring areas at the automotive, aerospace and electronic industry where a need of durable and safe... [more]

    AB-PUR® 550

    AB-PUR ® 550 is a crack-bridging waterproofing coating which is used in the building construction and civil engineering. It is possible to apply (2-component spraying machine) thick layers on vertical and... [more]

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